PolyBrite Technology

PolyBrite™ is a unique polymer/LED combination that conducts, scatters and radiates a light source through the polymer lens material illuminated by light emitting diodes (LEDs). PolyBrite™ can be extruded into a variety of clear, light scattering shapes, as well as certain molded applications.

PolyBrite combines its unique patented polymer lens technology with super bright LED’s to create lamps and lighting systems that are optimized for best light dispersion and distribution. In addition to being extremely rugged, pollutant and chemical free, LED’s consume very little energy, are much cooler than conventional light bulbs, and can have an effective life that exceeds 50,000 hours, or twenty five times the life of the average incandescent bulb. Through advanced electronics, PolyBrite products achieve superior heat management, ensuring long life and peak performance. PolyBrite’s LED lighting applications can be either battery operated or hardwired into a system.

In its safety product line, Polybrite technology can provide up to 600 hours of illumination with two (2) standard AA batteries, provide up to 360-degree visibility, and is shock and spark resistant, producing only three (3) volts of power.

PolyBrite products are competitively priced, and will provide the consumer substantial savings with their longevity and reduced energy consumption. PolyBrite's proprietary technology brings the energy, environmental and economic advantages of LED technology to the marketplace years ahead of all forecasts.

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