PolyBrite International

Located in the Illinois Research and Development Corridor, just west of Chicago, PolyBrite International, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Goeken Group Corp. Founded in 1995, by the late business legend John D. "Jack" Goeken, founder of MCI, FTD Mercury Network, Airfone and In-Flight Phone Corporation, the Goeken Group Corp. continues to develop products and services that are dedicated to the enhancement of personal health, safety and security. The corporate mission remains constant through the continual development of innovative solutions for the world's health, safety and security issues.

PolyBrite International has developed a revolutionary proprietary polymer light transmitting technology, PolyBrite™. Under the leadership of Carl Scianna, its President & CEO, as well as its founder and inventor, PolyBrite International has become the world leader in LED lighting technology. PolyBrite™ is a unique polymer/LED combination that conducts, scatters and radiates a light source through the polymer lens material. PolyBrite™ can be extruded into a variety of clear, light scattering shapes, as well as certain molded applications. PolyBrite™ technology can be utilized in numerous applications including general and decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor use, soft and smooth LED lighting effects, and signage for energy efficient lighting.

PolyBrite engineers and manufactures solid-state lighting products, creating lamps and lighting systems under its Borealis Lighting brand, lighted/safety pet products under PolyBrite Lighted Pet Products brand and industrial/commercial safety products under PolyBrite Lighted Safety Products brand.

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