Product Testing

Additional PolyBrite(TM) Testing of Technology in PolyBrite Products
(testing details and criteria available upon request).

  1. Usability passed rigorous equipment use for 45 hours.
  2. Humidity chamber passed 90-minute exposure in chamber.
  3. Deep freeze chamber passed 48-hour exposure at 10o F.
  4. Water spray chamber passed 40 hours exposure to constant water spray.
  5. Drop test passed 5 consecutive drops from 36 feet.
  6. Fine dust chamber passed sand blasted (wet & dry) for 15 minutes a side.
  7. Mud test passed submerged in buckets of mud then air-dried.
  8. Shock test passed subjected to a gross weight of 65,000 lbs.
  9. Pressurized water submersion test passed tested at 250 feet of salt water.
  10. Extreme cold passed tested at 40o F for 4 hours.
  11. Concentrated ozone exposure passed tested at 80o F for a duration of 101 hours.
  12. Exposure to concentrated solution of water and Chlorine passed tested at 72o F submersed for 8
  13. hours. Exposure to heat passed tested at 125o F for a duration of 8 hours.

Hazards Identification
This product is not hazardous as defined in 29 CFR1910.1200

Hazard Rating Systems:
This information is for people trained in:
National Paint & Coatings Associations (NPCA) Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)
National Fire Protections Association (NFPA 704) Identification of the Fire Hazards of Materials

Health: (NPCA-HMIS) 1; (NFPA 704) 1
Flammability: (NPCA-HMIS) 1; (NFPA 704) 1
Reactivity: (NPCA-HMIS) 0; (NFPA 704) 0

4 = Severe
3 = Serious
2 = Moderate
1 = Slight
0 = Minimal
Potential Health Effects
Eye contact: Particulates may scratch eye surfaces/cause mechanical irritation.

Skin contact: Negligible hazard at ambient temperatures (-18 to +38o C; 0 to 100o F). Exposure to hot material may cause thermal burns.

Inhalation: Negligible hazard at ambient temperature (-18 to +38o C; 0 to 100o F). Vapors and/or aerosols, which may be formed at elevated temperatures, may be irritating to eyes and respiratory tract.

Ingestion: Minimum toxicity.

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